Dissonance ~ #MondayBlogs

Disjointed voices in opposition rising into argument swept into a void Thousands of points of light in a sky covering us all as we seek solutions a tug of war between real and ideal and every in-between We fight without cause and wound each other words and weapons and careless cruelty A world spinning off … Continue reading Dissonance ~ #MondayBlogs

Walkabouts and Holidays

The Tumor Raider and I snuck away for an early Valentine's Day trip. It's been unseasonably warm here, so we headed for cooler temperatures in northern Arizona. We wandered about during the days, visiting the Chapel of the Holy Cross on our first full day. We spent an entire day on safari at Out of … Continue reading Walkabouts and Holidays

Restoration #MondayBlogs

The artist pulled visions from the darkness breathing life to a world unknown Time is a wrecker fading beauty leaving hints of hidden spaces and secret glances fallen into forgetfulness Those sparks of magic must be nurtured or else lost ravaged left behind needing nothing more than gentleness and patience To bring back their vibrancy … Continue reading Restoration #MondayBlogs

Shadows ~ #MondayBlogs

We walk by moonlight Our nights spent chasing shadows of the selves we have forgotten Forsaken bereft of name wandering in search of what we've lost The daylight shapes us with its demands clipping wings into tidy spans Until we become seekers remaking the us we always were ~ Caroline A. Slee

Aflame #wwwblogs

Hearts glow Bright fireflies Filling the darkest hours: Optimism Hope Healing ~ Caroline A. Slee


Within a lost embrace A dance with self A whisper of promise Stepping Outside the line Of reasonable And into the magic Unfolding itself Endlessly Opening myself To my own peace

Clouds #MondayBlogs

A canvas Sprawling richly Inviting us To imagine Worlds rise And tumble to nothingness With a fickle gust We see the wilderness And volcanic growth Dissipating Over mountaintops Leaving rain and snow In their wake And our dreams Drifting past ~ Caroline A. Slee