Rest Days

Fast-moving rivers overtake the desert floor as shelves of snow rise above the clouds The skies move quickly past balance tipping towards spring And life begins to shift and grow within us again The days of struggle and darkness subside as sunny hours extend to night And we lie like children gazing upward smelling orange … Continue reading Rest Days

Truth Telling…#MondayBlogs

Inner censors: a tumble of anxious whispers Fury rises as words reach a roadblock a lump in my throat I carry a scream that wants to explode onto the page Gushing like an artery opened with surgical precision I am the anti-hero the monster under the bed my own inner demon Burdened by all the … Continue reading Truth Telling…#MondayBlogs

The Blessed Unknown

Dreams await Full color or faded We can't say We stand on this side Structured in our logic And rational routines Never quite stepping through  That open door Where truth lives Where we become Wings opening Taking flight Defying the logical  And mundane daily beliefs To soar To BE The magic inside

The meeting place

Where the night Falls into sleeplessness And the sky Meets the ends of the earth I wait In lonely vigil 

My Cup…#wwwblogs

The song tells me it "runneth over" though I reach and find it empty at my elbow yet again or I find but a drop stingy miserly unable to quench the smallest thirst It overflows unwatched disregarded an abundant cup in a lonely room It stands contradictory without half measures until I remember It is … Continue reading My Cup…#wwwblogs


The night skies crowded as bats dance and dip to the desert floor unearthly light flowing from stars a world bathed in white and wildness ethereal a symphony of cries and howls and ululations disrupts the primal air as coyotes seek the moon in an ancient wish for home as wings unfurl across the horizon


We bear our sins past, present, imagined A recording of accusation from a chorus ill-wishing remembrances of human frailties A woman's measure dwindles under the burdens of imperfection Smiles are not kind but a glossy cover for judgment And love that inner circle is not the protector But the fierce accuser The scientist Until our … Continue reading Unforgiven…#MondayBlogs