What Goes Up #wwwblog

And thank goodness. I've been throwing some hill training back into the routine. My thighs hate me. Just sharing the reward for the run up the mountain: the descent has a wonderful view. On the countdown to my favorite holiday. Blessings to you all.


I walk trails Hidden from The desert floor Climbing Into clouds Seeking The path within Finding my body Along these winding climbs My spirit lies in nature And my soul Does not live Inside my skin Every breath An out-of-body experience ~ Caroline A. Slee

Visceral ~ #MondayBlogs

Heathen drums beating like a heart Pagan memories dance in shadows Rising from the fires shape-shifting smoke Thousands of yesterdays cold-blooded wisdom Lingering within a reptilian mind Human and otherworldly Virtuous and wicked In one breath a prayer and a spell Our blood Is not our own But a river flowing from every mother Wisdom … Continue reading Visceral ~ #MondayBlogs

Desert Sky

The night sky cries winter with Orion spread-eagle over tile rooftops stars shining brighter than madness to light scrub and sand The moon hangs close to earth touchable and surreal As the wind sets the trees to dancing ~ Caroline A. Slee

Upside Down

The skies above slate defying the rule of sunny days the promise of winter drifting above daylight cast in warm hues reflected in water-laden clouds as the hours move past us dawn to afternoon with no difference to mark the time as the mountains shift to blue and weep for day's passing ~ Caroline A. … Continue reading Upside Down

November Nano and Best Foot Forward ~ #MondayBlogs

My first week of 41 is off to a good start. One of the resolutions I made for myself was to spend at least one hour per day on my own writing projects. Mission accomplished. In the mountain of things I do every day, I added one more thing. 🙂 I've designated time at the … Continue reading November Nano and Best Foot Forward ~ #MondayBlogs

Friday Philosophy ~ Tenacity

Even though the family shield says "unalterable" I think they may have made a mistake. The word they should have put there is "tenacious." Stubbornness and the refusal to quit are traits heading down from both sides, so I figured I would focus on those for this week's Philosophy. "Never confuse a single defeat with … Continue reading Friday Philosophy ~ Tenacity