The Skin You’re In #wwwblogs

It's important to love yourself. No matter your size or shape or scar tissue - loving yourself is so crucial to a healthy life. But sometimes, on that path, we have to readjust our vision. It's not just aging, but illness and stress and those moments of realizing your strength/endurance aren't what they used to … Continue reading The Skin You’re In #wwwblogs


The rains are distant Across placid seas Sailing into the fire And seeking cool earth To plant my feet To let myself grow Spreading roots And stretching limbs To catch the rain On my open leaves And rest At last, rest In my true form Bending before the winds Outlasting them A witness To history's … Continue reading Tumult

You Will Find Me #MondayBlogs

Where the road ends and the sky kisses the earth it is there you will find me dancing the steps an ancestor knew greeting the moon with my wild kin Where civilization stops and the wildness takes hold it is there you will find me living in spirit and holding fast my truth Where the … Continue reading You Will Find Me #MondayBlogs

Quiet Fires

The quiet fire Becomes a blaze As the whispers Become a unison shout Silence Cast aside For full power And life out loud ~ Caroline A. Slee

Gifts #wwwblogs

The first talent learned The last to leave Creation and destruction In one magical breath We hold fire In our hands Feel it cresting Within our spirits Ready to crash Like a wave Upon a hostile shore Reshaping the world Patient Inexorable Advancing Our hunger matches The flames As we become fire Birthing it Giving … Continue reading Gifts #wwwblogs

Rising Tides

Though seas may rush And shift our course And thoughts of home Drift further away A light will warn us And welcome us at once Comforting the storm-tossed Wanderers through the night Direction flies Into the stars And the sea may lie flat A soft cradle once more Still we find landfall Beneath that watchful … Continue reading Rising Tides

Footsteps #MondayBlogs

My feet long To step into the skies As I sink beneath Still surfaces Healing myself In unspeakable depths Cloaking myself in mud With creatures Seeking seasons of sleep My lungs dissipate Into uselessness As I become other A strange creature In-between worlds And forms Finding my own medicine In the gloom No one sees … Continue reading Footsteps #MondayBlogs