I wonder dream the lives Within this farmhouse Does a woman rise and take her coffee Onto a porch overlooking her fields As I dream in the dark Miles and hours away? Does she fast from the headlines Of a world in disarray Remembering years that seemed somehow gentler? Does the find herself At end … Continue reading Pastoral

Skin #wwwblogs

The hours we celebrate This skin that stretches around us Are fleeting at best And the years strip away What has been held before us As beauty We reach a finish line Barely even women anymore Unless we realize Each wrinkle Every scar And those deadly battles won Make us defiantly female Beyond the standards … Continue reading Skin #wwwblogs


Roots tangle unplanted A safety for the lazy swimmers below Screening the sunlight away From cooler depths And setting the bees to humming They dance along the surface Distracted by reflected flowers Sipping water Instead of nectar Fish tease the surface Peering between leaves A bright orange flash And then nothing And the flowers stretch … Continue reading Waterlilies

Control #MondayBlogs

The river doesn't think About the stones It tumbled beneath its current Nor the obstacles That should arrest it in place Instead it moves Impervious Unhesitatingly Flowing ever onward On its chosen path The river doesn't care That it should be stymied by dams Or dried up beneath the sun's heat Water changes shape To … Continue reading Control #MondayBlogs


Empty vistas Midnight hued in their solitude A forgotten lonely impulse Stretching to the horizon line Where the crows dance on the thermals Wheeling out of balance A daredevil flight towards the ground We make landfall Tiny impressions on a great earth Invisible creatures Puffed up on our own importance Until we shed that skin … Continue reading Eternity

Badlands #MondayBlogs

No magic spell Can give us flight Simple and endless steps Move us forward There was a dream Nearly a metaphor That drove us into desolation A God within Whispering possibilities Into our listening hearts It is not the body That wins the race Nor the mind solely But a spiritual revelation That draws us … Continue reading Badlands #MondayBlogs

Adventures #wwwblog

There is a world waiting beyond the borders of what we live each day An expansiveness to fill the lungs and set the heart to overflowing It begins with nothing more than a single thought, nurtured into a dream Until that wishful moment becomes a plan, and a plan becomes action A single step, a … Continue reading Adventures #wwwblog