In the Old City

The bell tower tolls Upon the hour Along the river coast For all the ships And the bridge is alight As the sun fades down Into the late nights History still lives Breathing amongst the old buildings Every purpose new and modern In a world apart From all we know We walk Sudden time travelers … Continue reading In the Old City

Within This Here ~

A woman Whose smile I wear Rests after the climb Though I never knew Her voice or her embrace I carry her On my heart In my DNA I see her face shining Through my children I fight her lost battle And wish Upon a family She left too soon And within These walls Rests … Continue reading Within This Here ~

Spangled #MondayBlogs

Sunlight refracted Multi-colored Light and shadow Together Cast over me Through early years My memories Resurrected Soft footfalls and air perfumed From a censer Five times each Sunday A belly full of butterflies And a steady voice Standing to the front In song Oh, so much better: To be robed And hidden away At a … Continue reading Spangled #MondayBlogs

Unseen Shores #wwwblogs

My feet stand firm Upon this shore While my heart rises To the violence Of the sea Beyond the chill waves That cover my toes I know another shore Awaits I see it only When I close my eyes I wait for the moment My feet alight Upon those sands Having danced across Oceans To … Continue reading Unseen Shores #wwwblogs

Summer Fun

I've been blogging less over these past few months here. Between my work items, and the school stuff for two teenagers, things were busy enough. Then, Lara and I planned the summer adventure of a lifetime here - so I was working doubletime to complete projects before that happened! We left home in the desert … Continue reading Summer Fun

Zion #MondayBlogs

Beyond the red cliffs Plateauing into the clouds There is a wanderer: Dreaming of the next horizon A wide-sky view Embracing the earth Freezing the frame Into a tableau A world too beautiful To possibly exist Astonished moments As of a waking dream We sleepwalk Through the details Of the mundane Awakening only To the … Continue reading Zion #MondayBlogs

Sighted ~ #wwwblogs

A world obscured in summer's snow blanketing our vision limiting the senses The world diminishes to the smallest radius sound going liquid beneath weighted branches Fog rolls downward drifting from the mountaintops cocooning the trees And we must step outward onto the ledge of our intuition to guide ourselves Along the path we would choose … Continue reading Sighted ~ #wwwblogs