Friday Philosophy ~ Mantras

I've been thinking about mantras lately. A mantra is a personal slogan. You can choose any mantra you like: invent your own, quote a famous one, however you want to do it. But, why? What's the point? Sometimes, it helps to have a positive focal phrase or reminder. It seems way too easy to remember … Continue reading Friday Philosophy ~ Mantras

Camille ~ #wwwblogs

passion and eroticism beyond the shining light of genius a danger to mankind the creations of her hands lasting through centuries the confident touch of a lover sliding over curves eyes that could see the love trapped within the stone a poet without pen with hard tools and cool marble to temper her flames she … Continue reading Camille ~ #wwwblogs

Secret Keeper

My secrets are not quiet I hold them plainly within my cupped hands fingers close together so they can travel with me I speak them breathe them surrounded by strangers freeing each one in an exhalation past released energy shifted and my form holding true my secrets drift along a ripple every smaller fading until … Continue reading Secret Keeper

Civilized ~ #MondayBlogs

We value the mask the polite turn of face and phrase that hides venom and hypocrisy we cherish the pretty package while substance ceases to matter We are the alchemists: turning everything to base metal overlooking gold in favor of what is easy Raising a civilization doomed to sink below sands joining the Xanadu that … Continue reading Civilized ~ #MondayBlogs

Friday Philosophy: Angels

"I saw the angel in the marble and I carved until I set him free." ~ Michelangelo What we see is determined by how we think. We will see angels or monsters around us. Today, I'd like the focus to be on angels. 🙂 "No, I never saw an angel, but it is irrelevant whether … Continue reading Friday Philosophy: Angels


We hide behind our chatter a distraction disconnected souls wandering without purpose aftershocks of longing ripple through us as we reach towards something we cannot see we have forgotten we were angels once - Caroline A. Slee

Memory Drift

The carpet is rough Against my cheek The vent humming heat At the tip of my nose I hear my mother In the kitchen  As I stare  From winter windows And the first flake travels The size of my childish hand Sinking to the blankets Hiding the backyard And then the next So large I … Continue reading Memory Drift