Friday Philosophy…The Senses

This week, I had the opportunity to do something I had been interested in trying: flotation therapy. That experience has led to this post today, as part of the experience is sensory deprivation. It's probably the closest to an out-of-body experience I have had. So, we arrive at the topic of thoughts on the senses. … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…The Senses

Eavan Boland

The poem below is NOT one I wrote. Tonight, I just want to share a poem I have adored since my first reading of it 20 (gasp!) years ago. "The Woman Turns Herself into a Fish" Unpod the bag, the seed. slap the flanks back. Flatten paps. Make finny scaled and chill the slack and … Continue reading Eavan Boland

A Life Ago…#wwwblogs

In a crofter's cottage settled in lands wild the earth yielded life to hands weathered Wind and time and winter cloud dared all comers to find their brave A partnership a battle a life carved on highlands A passion imprinted and carried through generations Hardy souls emerge when crises arise And indomitable will triumphs where … Continue reading A Life Ago…#wwwblogs


Peel back the skin simple flesh a meaningless misdirection Open out the heart jeweled with virtue keeping time for the dance Tease the limbs a marionette slack and slanted coquettish Render the soul visible, exposed every color and shade melding and swirling As the me within me moves without - Caroline A. Slee


We are the sacred life that flows through my sisters and I we birth worlds and create new dreams we are nations and unity and roots we have souls that cannot be minimized and flesh and bone and blood which occupy a place in the world and outside of it We are spirit hidden within … Continue reading Sisterhood…#MondayBlogs

Friday Philosophy…Deception

"Reality is easy. It's deception that's the hard work." ~ Lauryn Hill Turn on the television any old day you choose, and you'll see mass deception at work. Journalism has become so slanted that it's more opinion than fact, it seems. We have fake news and manipulative politicians (okay, those last two words might be … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Deception


A hundred hearts  In unison soar As feet grow light And our arms Reach the stars We fly Apart from earthly senses Driven by one pulse To seek And find the wilderness  Within us - Caroline A. Slee