Coincidence #wwwblogs

Our minds cannot accept the strange accidents every day can bring to us We seek reason through the madness and the rational above all else We spend years pushing down our instincts and anything that cannot be explained We look for the pattern in the chaos to make sense of it all Never accepting mere … Continue reading Coincidence #wwwblogs

Working Magic…

The fields lie still with the angry threat rolling above a storm moving like the tides as the farmer stands before the inevitable Each day he labors back breaking brow furrowed ignoring the sun the wind the rain upon him his gaze searching his fields for signs of burn signs of rot signs the weather … Continue reading Working Magic…

The End ~ #MondayBlogs

There are days the veil has left and I stand face-to-face with what comes after and there are nights where a whisper reminds me of the moments that brought me to that precipice and held me suspended between two worlds Knowledge is a dangerous power and foreseeing a cursed gift but for the fear that … Continue reading The End ~ #MondayBlogs

Excellence ~ A Friday Philosophy Note

I think most of us want to do what we do well. As my Dad points out, no one shows up every day wanting to do terribly. What is excellence, though? It comes down to a lot more than lip service. Excellence is found in action, not just words. Anyone can say the right thing … Continue reading Excellence ~ A Friday Philosophy Note

Flames Over Water

The fisherman doesn't see the contrast of his surroundings the sinking sun sets fire to the water and he travels single-minded in his purpose his gaze drawn ever downward a contemplation into the reflection of the sky What lies beneath that still surface is the only world he knows all else disappears but that picture … Continue reading Flames Over Water

Fortune Smiles #wwwblogs

A dance headed out To northern skies Holding sunset At the tip of a wing A siege of cranes Appearing in silence Moving past us Ghostly and then gone A simple wish Cast across The deep blush Of dying day Leaving wonder In their wake ~ Caroline A. Slee


Memory draws us downward a slow spiral as in dreams beyond loss into simplicity viewed through a veil of roses   The known is our safety and our stopping point miring us in the past making our climb into today ever steeper   It seduces us with what was and who we once were until … Continue reading Descending