Freshwater Mermaids

Far from the sea We seek our return Creatures of two worlds Constantly divided A half life on land And joy in the sea While home is the rocks And the soil We roll We tumble Chasing that thrill Finding waves within ripples And diving Limited depths Mermaids For a moment

All Things Tri #MondayBlogs

I did it! I finished my Olympic distance triathlon yesterday. 1 mile swim, 24.8 mile bike ride, and 6.2 mile run. I have to admit, that bike ride was almost tougher than I am. Haha. So glad I did it, and did not stop all the way through. This also reaffirmed that I am absolutely, … Continue reading All Things Tri #MondayBlogs

Savagery #wwwblogs

The civilized hides Forgotten in the dirt Crumbling back to ruin While the earth returns To her roots Mountains defy the sky And the garden runs wild Human voices Sinking into a sea of disinterest Only the music Left behind When we learned To worship indoors Separating ourselves From the tiny miracles Breathing life Into … Continue reading Savagery #wwwblogs


Solitary miles Stretch before and behind So many short journeys To carry me Everywhere A meditation A prayer A daydream Fueled by a fire I cannot explain Opening my eyes To see anew And wrap myself Into the air Fully alive ~ Caroline A. Slee

Momentary Magic #MondayBlogs

Early nightfall Broken By a thousand wishes To carry dreams Heavenward With radiant joy Childlike faith Cradles us Quickly forgotten But returning When we need it most The magic We hide inside A memory Brought to life - Caroline A. Slee

What Goes Up #wwwblog

And thank goodness. I've been throwing some hill training back into the routine. My thighs hate me. Just sharing the reward for the run up the mountain: the descent has a wonderful view. On the countdown to my favorite holiday. Blessings to you all.


I walk trails Hidden from The desert floor Climbing Into clouds Seeking The path within Finding my body Along these winding climbs My spirit lies in nature And my soul Does not live Inside my skin Every breath An out-of-body experience ~ Caroline A. Slee