We race against the moon Unafraid of the dark Shadows cast in milk white Light on rough ground We wear the shroud Of the night Hidden creatures Thrilling to the chase Building momentum Into a rush of speed Outrunning the wilderness Into the sky Stitching ourselves anew Out of the stuff of stars Looking for … Continue reading

Regal #MondayBlogs

A stop A moment Filled with nothing But senses Listening to the heartbeat Of the world Taking in all We cannot see We forget To look true And see depths Plainly in front The madness And the hurry Silencing the animal Living at the back of the mind We push down The dignity of the … Continue reading Regal #MondayBlogs


We rise once more Resurrected and imperfect Comfortable in our skin Hell a weighstation On the path to bliss Rich with blessings on the other side Eyes of judgment Face us every day While mouths shift sideways to talk The lies so transparent The emerge in tangible form Reckless words cast onto the page Our … Continue reading Rise

Chatter ~ #wwwblogs

There came a moment just a sense of quiet when the woman walked out of the confines of her own life and embraced the wild living within It was not a fight or a struggle but the end to both that gave the final push out of the ordinary and into home With each step … Continue reading Chatter ~ #wwwblogs

The New Doxology

Many Gods and Goddesses Were cast aside For the One Who soon became three Ancient ways fell to bleached beauty an alabaster past only spoken of in whispers New ways rose filled with demanding people shepherding crowds into a narrow path Within the new the old is living all recast into new bronze language shifted … Continue reading The New Doxology

Distant Miles ~ #MondayBlogs

With years of miles Behind me I've travelled A strange world Chasing salvation While playing house Before the words Reached my mind The trails were waiting And my feet were ready A race In search of home Movement Leading the way To knowledge And challenge Pushing transformation The spirit and the skin Twining together In … Continue reading Distant Miles ~ #MondayBlogs

Philosophical Flowers

Or, you know, Friday philosophy with flowers as the subject. We are well into spring and I've been enjoying every moment of our flowers blooming. Except those Palo Verde trees - they're trying to kill me. So, thoughts on flowers on a Friday night. "Life is the flower for which love is the honey." ~ … Continue reading Philosophical Flowers