A little silliness…

So, my mood is perking back up, largely due to the fact that I am taking charge of this medical nonsense myself.

That’s right: my degree is in French literature, and I am taking charge of my medical game plan.  Let’s not even get into the terrifying aspect of that one!!! *chuckle*

After the runaround, and numerous delays, and he said/she said — I still don’t have approval to go to the oncologist.  So, I have all my test results in hand, get to pick up all my radiology films tomorrow, and this show will get on the road.  One way or the other…

In dealing with all of this, I have to say thank God for my friends and loved ones.  So grateful for the friend who is sending me to her dad, breast cancer specialist extraordinaire.  So grateful for the friend who was discussing a crazy recommendation she received to cut of her legs, and tying it into bilateral mastectomy talk by saying it’s a bit different because “no one uses her own boobs to walk on.” (You know who you are, and I am still laughing on that one.) So grateful for the friend who informed me this week that her dating service matched her up with someone they had calculated to be perfect for her: her own sister.  Without the three above things, among countless others, this week would have been significantly less laughable.

All that laughter led to the end of insomnia, even though I am still waiting for this intruder to get the heck out of my body, and even though my energy levels still aren’t quite up to par.  Then again, the low energy and high fatigue levels have been going on for quite some time, so I am not altogether surprised to find they are still with me.

I still feel bits of sadness in all of this, but mostly joy.  I love and am loved, and this has turned into a blessing in its own way, as so many of you have come to me publicly or privately to share your own stories, or just give a kind word (or tell me the latest bit of hilarity).


2 thoughts on “A little silliness…

  1. I was going to say you should talk to Ash but I see you must have already. I was diagnosed last May with Stage 1 BC as you may know but they were WRONG and still put me through surgery. Anyway, I was going to talk to him as well but I am very lucky it didn’t go that far. If you need ANYTHING, like someone to talk to about it, although I never went through treatment other than surgery and a thousand tests (gee core biopsies are fun right) I went through 2 months of thinking I had it and I know what it feels like to some small degree. xoxoxo


    • Ash and her dad were wonderfully helpful! I am in your land of a thousand tests phase right now. We already know I need surgery and chemo, according to the oncologist — we just don’t know how extensive the cancer is yet. I am NOT at all good at waiting, so this has proven to be quite the challenge for me. Thank you, again, for being here for me Lady! I’ll have to pick your brain for wig recommendations when the time comes. I keep figuring that I may as well have fun with this where I can.


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