It’s a quarter after six…

And I feel like I am mostly thinking in song lyrics these days…

There is an interesting thing about something major ending as soon as this will be: all of the other endings taking place around it.  I will be coming out of this experience not only stripped down in terms of body parts being removed, but stripped down in terms of life.  There are many people who will not come out of this experience with me… There are others who will only be with me throughout this experience, before they move on themselves.

It’s the new version of traveling light, only it isn’t the furniture or clothing that is given away, thrown away, or left behind: it is people.

For all of the people I have lost, through death, in recent years, you would think the current and impending losses (because, let’s face it, they are not due to any kind of fatality) would be somehow easier.  I suppose they are, in a sense.  I probably wish several times each day that I could speak to an old friend of mine on the phone, but since I would have to conduct a seance it just doesn’t seem all that possible.  At least with voluntary departures, I could always find a way in coming years to say something to those people who are gone and those who are about to go…

Ah well, just an odd thought I awakened to after some Gregor Samsa-like sleep.  Only, I did not awaken transformed in any way, just thoughtful…  And for the record, after referencing Gregor Samsa like that, I suppose today I ought to include pest control on my to-do list! 🙂

Blessings to all…  Going to be a poetry day, so I will be posting more later.

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