A short silence…

So, I have been flying below the radar here for a few days.  Yesterday was my first chemo infusion.  I popped out of bed BEFORE the crack of dawn, bouncing around like a human pinball.  I was so nervous I could not sit still.

Mom and my two kiddos dropped me off, and when it was over, home I came to begin the mini rollercoaster of side effects.  First of all, they pumped me full of this anti-nausea drug in my IV, with saline.  Then they gave me the “red juice” which is the big gun.  That causes most of the nausea.  But the combo of all these things had me feeling so punchy/high/I don’t even know what that it was weird.  Second of all, I was the youngest person there by about 30 years and the other patients were not there for their first infusion.  Translation:  they spent the first hour scaring the life out of me with their horrific “side effect” stories.  I quickly logged on my computer and tweeted and facebooked the time away: anti-social behavior be damned.

I got home and pretty much spent the day sleeping and riding out the side effects (all of which were from the drugs to stop the chemo side effects, I am sure).  My Momma came and stayed all night, sleeping in the bed with me like I was a child with the flu again.  I received an unbelievable amount of comfort yesterday, and can only count myself as immensely blessed.  🙂

So, today, I have to post a poem and another photo blog.  And I am having technical difficulties, so I may be slow.  In the meanwhile, blessings to you all…

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