The Hair…

So, coming home from chemo left me with this crazy, sore, itchy scalp.  There was no way my hair was just diving off my head that quickly, of course, but it just felt…horrible.  I decided to just get it over with, as I had planned, instead of waiting for chunks of hair to fall out.  I had let several ladies know last week that they were more than welcome to come and participate in my shearing.  🙂  They did not fail.  We had two moms, as well as three friends here with my two babies and I to do this.

I have actually had a shaved head before (preschool head lice disaster for my daughter, no treatment worked, so doc told us to shave her and she freaked — hence I shaved mine too), but I must admit it was a bit different this time around, watching that first chunk of hair fall into the sink.  And all of those eyes on me the whole while, when all I really wanted to do was close my eyes and disappear.

It sank in that night for most of us in its own way.  Although it has been sinking in for me since they started pouring that stuff into my veins on Tuesday morning.

But there was laughter, strained at times, sleepy on my part — but laughter nonetheless.  And one unforeseen perk of this whole mess???? Everyone rubs my head now — and it feels good. 😉

Blessings to you all on this Canada Day…

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