Back in the Saddle…

So to speak. 🙂  And now I have the song stuck in my head.

As any of you who read my earlier blog this week will already know, I have been in a bit of a funk.  There were a lot of things working their way out of my system, old hurts that I did not even know were buried inside of me.  This morning, those last few thought bubbles popped finally, and I feel myself restored again.

So, I am back at the writing.  Not so much the poetry today, as the fiction.  But I am having fun, and even writing with a friend of mine – and enjoying every second of that collaboration.

I am hopeful that these last few heavy days are my round before my birthday: every year, it seems I go through a bit of emotional darkness right before I celebrate another year of life.  I have one month to go before my birthday, and I think I got the blues out of the way early…  I’m just going to write my way directly into my next year.

Blessings to you all…

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