One of my fellow tweeters (or are we twits?) posted his micropoetry from twitter over onto his blog.  This was several months ago, while I was locked into the fog of chemo.  So, many moons later, I am taking a page from his, er, blog, and sharing some of my micropoetry on here.  Hope you enjoy this entirely random collection!

A power outage ~ our unexpected adventure ~ cooking by candlelight ~ and a living room picnic by the fire…

Stormy weather ~ ominous wind ~ glowering clouds ~ electrified skin…

Micropoetry is exactly what it sounds like: tiny poetry/poems, about any particular subject.  Lately (winter in the desert) I have been focusing upon weather, but I’ve had a few surgery related ones as well:

The body in pain ~ creates a new life ~ a Percocet subconscious ~ a hazy awakening…

Love, of course, is a huge topic as well!  🙂

We speak ~ in silence ~ every promise…

Blessed ~ to rise above ~ the mayhem and the noise ~ to be quiet ~ with you…

My senses filled ~ my lids heavy ~ the pillow soft against my skin ~ our toes touching…

This was just a little sample to share with you all.  I tend to share these on my Twitter page only, although I have been known to share them on my Facebook (very rarely).

Now, off I go to finish baking a cake for our dear friend Valerie’s birthday dinner.  Blessings to you all…xoxo

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