Today is one of those days that makes me a take a long look back.  How on Earth did I manage the sheer volume of paperwork associated with two children in private school, plus manage the house, and a full time job?  Really, was I mainlining coffee twenty-four hours per day?!

I’m not even allowed to do the housework still – it doesn’t fit into my Doc’s definition of “light” activity.

So, really, my day is frantically consumed with importing tax documents into financial aid documents into scholarship competition entry forms.  Phew!

I feel almost cross-eyed! 🙂

There really isn’t all that much to report today.  I’m waiting for yet another doctor’s visit to extend my physical limitations.  The funny part is, I still have another surgery in March.  So, I should have *hopefully* about two weeks of good physical health before I get knocked down again.  I believe I am beginning to understand why my main Doctor told me I am still grounded until July.

Progress reports came home yesterday, and the munchkins are rocking out at school.  My girl had an opportunity, and took it, to be in an opera.  She’s entering art competitions left right and center, as well.  Last year, she won the art competition for our city, so we will see what happens.  Meanwhile, the little guy is reading to me while I make dinner each night, and I am loving every minute of it.  He’s still my baby, just a little bit.  I know the time is flying by, so I am really trying to stop to enjoy all of these moments with them.

Happy Thursday, and blessings to you all…xoxo

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