Catch Up…

Be prepared, and possibly afraid:  I hit a slump for a bit there, and became completely silent while it went on.  Nothing dramatic, just normal fatigue type “stuff.”

But, as of 3 a.m., my brain was firing with blogs to share.  Half of them are, quite probably, pointless.


So, today, brace yourselves for me to write WAY too much!  🙂


Blessings to you all…

4 thoughts on “Catch Up…

    • Hi, you! Thank you – I’m feeling a bit better. It’s an extremely slow process, but I’m glad to be writing again. Mind you, I have been reading during my month of silence. 🙂


  1. I’ve just gone through te same slump (caused by an operation though – but I’m fine now, slowly recovering but getting back there all the same!) Interesting: I had just the same exact reaction as you. Did a LOT of reading (in the hospital on my Kindle: very, very convenient, got a new book every other day!) and finally woke up to the feeling that I had lots and lots to say on my blog. But would you believe it? That feeling hasn’t translated yet into any concrete posts (except for one long rant about the Euro and the recession in Europe and the incredible mess our politicians have thrown us in). On the other hand, I’m busy writing new stuff and editing. How about you?


    • I’m forcing my way past the block right now- chasing the Muse, as a friend of mine would call it. 🙂
      The words will come back to me, I just have to push on my own discipline at the moment. This too shall pass!
      I hope you continue to feel better, friend…


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