I mentioned earlier that I have been extremely fatigued lately.  I told Lara the other day that I feel like I actually had more energy during chemo, than I do right now.  It seems as though everything has caught up with me, finally, and now I keep having to lie down for a nap.

In the past week, though, I have been making note of the quality of my rest – and the dreams I have been having.  I think I may be tired because I am having such “active” dreams.

In one, we were all stuck in a blizzard, but half our group opted to push forward.  I had to gather supplies and materials and go after them with two small children strapped to my body.  Halfway through the blizzard we came upon perfect beaches, beautiful weather, and shark infested waters. :/  Needless to say, the next morning I was entirely wiped out.

Then, the very next night I dreamt I was watching (or so I thought) “The Chronicles of Riddick.”  Only I couldn’t find Vin Diesel anywhere, and realized The Rock was in the dream.  So, clearly, not a Riddick movie.  But, once I realized that, this strange girl had hold of my arm and was confessing to me that she was not “a vegetarian.”  Turns out, that was code for being a cannibal, so I spent the rest of the dream escaping, swimming, and trying to figure out why the cast of “Twilight” appeared.  Did I feel rested the next morning?  Nope.  Not in the least.

My mother theorizes that the hot flashes are affecting my dreams.  Maybe so.  I am looking forward to this phase passing (although I laugh at these dreams once I am awake).

So, I’ve been exhausted – and apparently trying to work with big movie guys to save the world/my family/my own life.  It’s a miracle Lara can sleep at all, because I have a sneaking suspicion I am thrashing around during these nighttime adventures. 🙂

So, there’s yet another (really useless) tidbit about life in the New Normal these days.  I hope you at least giggled.


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