I Was Thinking…

A lot, as it turns out.

Over one month since my last blog post.  Sigh…  I need a schedule.

Since my last blog post, so much has happened!  I completed Physical Therapy, and learned SO much.  It turns out that, as a result of one of my chemotherapy drugs (Taxol), there can be some pain associated with lymph edema.  Taxol can cause neuropathy in the extremities (hands and feet), so the swelling can make the nerve side effects noticeable.  Well, noticeable to a nutcase like me, whose pain threshold is usually high.

However, the Physical Therapist – Fran – was giving me some important lessons in Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Fascinating, discouraging, and ennervating.  You all know me at this point: if you tell me it can’t be done, I will get bull-headed and say, “Oh, yeah?!  Watch this!”

That being said, I learned Lymphatic Massage, and was completely stunned by the benefits, and side effects.  I think I must have still had quite a few chemicals built up in my system, for the reactions I had!  Shocking.  🙂

I have a very fancy compression sleeve now, and a flesh toned glove to wear.  I threaten to bedazzle it so I can have a Michael Jackson style look.  I sleep in the glove, and wear the sleeve for any and all physical activity.  If I try to clean something, on with the sleeve.  For stadium stairs with Momma, on with the sleeve.

We have had a wave of humidity here in the desert for the past couple of weeks, and I have learned that humidity hurts arthritic joints.  It hurts them horribly.  I knew this as an intellectual fact, but now I really “get it.”

If I ever was not as sympathetic as I should have been to some of my clients at the gym, my heartfelt apologies are being extended to them, here and now.  You all were absolutely troopers – and I didn’t even understand what you were dealing with.

There’s a quick update, I’m sure I have more.  Just, you know, thinking…

Blessings to you all…

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