As promised, the David Hasselhoff reblog…


I have a quirky sense of humor (if you haven’t noticed that by now).  At times, I am the only one laughing – just look back at some of my cancer blogs, and you will realize this is true.  🙂

Along with the humor comes my own unique way of communicating.  I manipulate the English language to suit my purposes, pretty much all the time.  Then, I use that to further the humor.  (Of course.)

So, I constantly crack jokes about “safe words.”  On a recent get together with friends, I pointed out that the worst safe word on Earth has to be “more.”  This would get a mite confusing, no?  I voted for usage of a word like “chartreuse.”  How often do you use the word chartreuse in any given day?

All of this bizarre humor led to a bit of a miscommunication with my own Lara, my very…

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