Change Is Good, Isn’t It?

Those of you who know me in real life know that I am very attached to my quiet cup of coffee in the morning, outside with our dogs.

It’s time for reflection, appreciation, deep breathing. I wouldn’t say I meditate, but it’s pretty close some mornings. 🙂

Also, I’m Canadian. Well, we moved to the States when I was young, but I’m still a Canadian. I get to live the wild and different expatriate lifestyle. Since, you know, our nations are so different. Haha.

It’s official: my blood has thinned. We are having what is, for us, a very cold winter in the desert. We’ve had overnight temps below freezing the past several nights running. Several of my plants are living in blankets to keep them alive.

My morning cup of coffee has become a challenge. Up until this morning I had simply been layering. A lot. Two pairs of sweat pants, a thermal shirt, two hooded jackets, etc.

No dice.

Until this morning, when I suddenly remembered that my mother had passed her fur coat along to me.

I know fur is cruel. This coat is older than that activism. It stems from my second year of life, and our family move to the wilds of Alberta. 😉 It gets extremely cold there, and you absolutely need warm winter gear. We still have snowshoes from that time frame, too.

So, 6 in the morning, 33 degrees out, two happy dogs ( the smaller one in her “ugly” Christmas sweater), my wonderful coffee, pajamas, and my Mom’s coat.


I’ll be donning that coat tomorrow morning, at sunrise, to reflect and pray and celebrate another beautiful day here on this earth.

I’ll be snuggled into it, hiding from the chilly air:


That’s my crazy morning hair too.

Goodnight, and blessings to you all…

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