Impending upheaval…

My kitchen has needed some cosmetic assistance for quite a while. The cabinets are tired, I have no pantry. I have a really unattractive overhead fluorescent light.

Beginning tomorrow, the kitchen will be undergoing a small facelift. The overhead will be replaced with can lights, and the cabinets are being refaced. I am hoping to share some photos of the work in progress, while I am gearing up for some kitchen mayhem.

I started juicing and freezing our oranges today. I am baking rosemary bread (first), and then baking bread like it’s going out of style. Then come the large portions of actual meals: my spaghetti sauce, slowcooker meals, and so on. Since I won’t have a thing in the kitchen during the project, I want this to be as convenient (and still healthy) as possible.

I’m extremely excited. While the cabinets are being refaced, we are having a pantry built in. It feels like I am getting an entire kitchen transformation. Yay!

Mind you, I am an HGTV junkie, so this will be like my amateur reality show for all of you out there.

Goodnight, and blessings to you all…

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