Day Four…

Yes, yesterday was Day 4. As you can all tell from the absolute silence of this blogger yesterday, it was rest day. I usually try to work two days of rest into each week.

Yesterday was the chosen first day. The only athletic pursuit we engaged in at all was playing about twenty minutes of basketball with Othello.

As you all know, my sons “blog name” hasn’t seemed to suit him for quite some time. I have been waiting for his new “blog name” to come to mind. Last night, during dinner, it hit me. Fortunately, this was not painful. Little guy had two glasses of water in front of him, as he had stolen my Mum’s glass. He carefully placed his hands between the glasses and pushed them apart, in a Charlton Heston parting the Red Sea as Moses kind of way. There it was: Moses. So, to avoid confusion, from this point forward, Othello will be called Moses. You heard it here.

My rest day was very restful, as I managed to fall asleep so early I didn’t even post this blog. 🙂

On to our Friday…

Blessings to you all!

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