Day Twenty-four and a New Acquaintance…

I went and sought out my old nemesis, the stadium stairs, today. I needed the hard workout, and I needed to blow off some steam.

You can see my already frazzled shadow here...

You can see my already frazzled shadow here…

I wrote a blog pitch for The Huffington Post last night, I am attempting to work out the glitches with this new health insurance plan my former employer switched his company to, I am writing, working, parenting, and dealing with a poor dog who is in heat.

I blasted my way through those stairs this morning: running them, doing squats, lunges, pausing for push ups and tricep dips.

Most of the way through my workout I met Odelia. She was carefully travelling the stadium stairs at the opposite end.

She introduced herself and asked if she could have me explain the types of squats I was doing and their associated benefits, etc. I haven’t been a trainer since my daughter was about three years old, and I had almost forgotten how very satisfying and exciting it is to teach someone a new exercise and watch them get excited about working out. It was a happy offset to the stresses of paperwork. 🙂

Happy Wednesday, my friends. I’m working on a review today, and should have it ready to share later.

Blessings to you all…

2 thoughts on “Day Twenty-four and a New Acquaintance…

  1. Such a nice example of how health needs to be both self-oriented, but also other oriented. As we write, work-out, eat remembering that my health is so tied to other health. (Not to mention an example of balancing life and self-care!) Thx. K.


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