Record Breaker…

I used to…

I have started SO many sentences with those words over these past two years. I used to be a trainer. I used to be able to squat nearly 400 pounds. I used to… I used to…

It’s normal to take a long time when recovering from chemotherapy. More than the recovery from cancer, the chemo kills some good cells with the bad. It creates a hazy, fuzzy thought process, complete with amnesia like forgetfulness. On top of that, it almost negates muscle memory. Before I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I USED TO run five miles each day. I USED TO swim one to two miles at a time.

Last summer, I began swimming again. I would hit the wall at half of a mile. Even alternating strokes, just working with a kickboard, I would tap out at that half mile mark.

We have, for all intents and purposes, hit summer again here. This weekend, it’s supposed to be about 111 degrees. I call that summer.

This morning, after the fall and winter simply doing yoga and calisthenic style strength training, I hit the pool for the first time in 7 months.

AND I NO LONGER HAVE TO SAY I USED TO!!!!! This morning, I swam an entire mile! YES! It took me just slightly less than one hour, so my pace is definitely not back up to what it once was, but I don’t care! I made it the entire mile.

I broke the record set by chemotherapy. I am feeling victorious, defiant, and STRONG!

Just wanted to share my moment with you all.


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