Father’s Day Fabulous…

We had a quiet Sunday… The kids made breakfast for Lara, we watched Monsters, Inc. together. Lara actually had the luxury of being able to take a nap today. 🙂

I have been craving a spa day. Is it legitimate to say craving in that case? Not sure.

I took advantage of the Tumour Raider’s nap today. Prior to nap time, I squeezed in about a half hour of yoga. Once Lara drifted off, I worked in a detox bath with my Dr. Singha’s, a face mask, and so on. First thing this morning, I made a modification to my daily lymphatic massage by adding essential oils to my hands before doing the massage.

In the course of my reading (which is endless, let’s face it, because I am a voracious reader) I was finding many sources that recommend adding a few drops of tea tree oil blended with (your choice) lavender, attar of rose, oregano oil… The list goes on and on. Apparently, using the tea tree oil blend can help make the lymphatic function even more efficient. Today marked only day one of this new experiment, so I will continue as my own personal guinea pig to see if I notice an appreciable difference.

On that note, a Happy and healthy Father’s Day to you all! Blessings and love and light…

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