It’s Just Another Manic…

Yep, you all know it! Other than ending up with the Bangles stuck in my head all day, I am attempting to write an actual decent bio for my website. It had never occurred to me (until today) that it is much, much easier to write everyone else’s biography. I think that we are all raised with concept that singing our own praises is a form of bragging, and therefore wrong. I have been attempting to swim upstream today by working on my bio. It’s interesting to me how many people seem to find that easier and easier by the day. I always have full appreciation and respect for those who manage the balancing act between self-promotion, and still being approachable down-to-earth people. 🙂

This morning began with our intense, welcome to Monday crossfit and stair routine. I believe Maddie would make a fierce personal trainer at this point, as I always give her free reign over the crossfit instructions. I’m sure that I will be feeling that workout tomorrow!

This week brings with it research into Burdock Root. This is used oftentimes in India and Russia as a counterpart to Cancer treatment, with very beneficial results. Don’t tell the kids, but they are drinking Burdock Root tea with their green tea now. I’m sneaky that way.

Wishing you all a productive and lovely week! Blessings, as always…

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