A quiet night, after what felt like an extra long day. Fatigue is weighing on me like a ton of bricks.

On a bright note, I’ve mentioned that Moses did his own version of NaNoWriMo with me. What I did not realize was that Maddie had undertaken her own writing project.

Tonight, while I cooked dinner, she brought out a very worn out notebook and thrust it into my hands, asking me to read her work.

She’s been writing poetry. I know every parent has a natural bias towards her children. Even so, her words were incredible! I love how each of them has taken writing and run with it entirely, each in their own unique way.

Maddie has said for the past couple of years that she wants to become a publisher, so she can have access to every new book on earth. We share the bookworm gene, my mini-mes and I.

Closing the night with exhaustion, and a quiet glow of love and home.

“The year’s at the spring/and day’s at the morn/morning’ sat seven/the hillside’s dew-pearled/the lark’s on the wing/the snail’s on the thorn/God’s in His heaven/all’s right with the world.” ~ Robert Browning

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