I Was Cool! For Just a Minute…

If I had blinked, I would have missed it. 🙂

My daughter read my book. She finished it and gave me very high praise indeed: “This is SOOOOO cool, Mom! You’re cool!”

See? I was cool.

Right up until tonight. My little guy loves to dance with me. Tonight, he asked me to teach him the tango. Fortunately (or unfortunately, for my coolness factor haha) I took ballroom dancing in university. In other words, I know how to dance the tango. Maddie was laughing at us, doing the tango in the kitchen. Okay, a kitchen doesn’t typically lend itself to such a graceful dance. But, I plan to dance with my son every chance I get – before he outgrows it. He’s already “fallen in love” with a girl at school, he’s mapped out university, career, marriage and my four (four!!!!) future grandchildren. Oh, and the fact that he plans on bringing Lara and I to live with him in our dotage. I’m sure the time is coming for him to choose to dance with girls, not his mother. Maddie has a dance this weekend, so I attempted to teach her to swing dance.

“Mo-om. This is so lame.”

Yep. I lost my coolness. In the blink of an eye, it was gone. 🙂

Of course, immediately after that she wanted us to Rockette kick our way through the house. I’m not sure how personally (or seriously) I should take the loss of my cool.

I love those two goofballs.

As an aside, Maddie wants her Auntie to dye the tips of her hair purple this summer. Apparently, she’s also asking her Auntie to dye my hair green while I sleep. Good thing I have the inside track on this… I’ll be sleeping with one eye open this summer.

Happy Thursday, and blessings to you all…

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