Writer Wednesday – Malaina “Miserlu” White…

“I am a real person.” ~ Miserlu

What do you get when you combine a woman facing changes in her life with unflinching honesty, all while chronicling her journey towards self rediscovery? You get the phenomenal blog “Reconstructing Malaina.”

This blog deals with more adult content, and so is not geared towards the youthful readers. You can read it here at reconstructingmalaina.blogspot.com

But, just to give you a teaser: Malaina began blogging as a way to process the emotional upheaval of infidelity and divorce, and becoming a single mother. Instead of dwelling in the depths of despair, she began a facebook group called The Positivity-Project. Malaina devoted her writing to rediscovering and reclaiming the self she had pushed aside. Her journey of self-exploration is something I think each and every one of us can relate to, at different times in our lives. I have so loved to get acquainted with Malaina through her words!

I love that this writer does not hesitate to reveal her humanity: foibles, quirks, humor, and frailties. Malaina does not apologize for who she is, but shows us instead what it is to accept who you are.

With every achievement on the blog, with every challenge or thought on The Positivity-Project, I have found that Malaina pushes me to grow right along with her. That is her incredible gift: she not only shares her truth, she gives her readers the courage they need to follow their own truth.

I don’t want to give away more than the fundamental impetus for the blog, as I want to invite each of you to read Reconstructing Malaina.

As Mal herself says, “Miserlu loves company.” And you will love her company, as well.

Happy reading, and blessings to you all…

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