A Thankful Thursday Recap…

While most of you are enjoying the start of spring, we seem to have skipped straight into summer. Honestly, there hasn’t been much of a transition at all here.

Still, the sun is shining, both children were healthy enough to go to school today, and I ran up to the top of a mountain before a busy, busy day.

Gratitude is flowing through me, along with excitement for projects I’m working on. I am – simply put – so, so thankful.

~ I’m writing for a living, both my own stories and writing professional materials
~ I have health, along with the rest of my family (goodbye, flu!)
~ I am blessed by a lovely circle of friends: we nurture and motivate each other, as needed.
~ I am grateful for the ability to feed us all healthy food
~ I am thankful to have a house filled with music once again

There are some days when I become extra conscious of just how much of a gift each breath we take really is. This is one of those days.

Of course, my muscles are screaming after the treadmill only routine I had to maintain during our bout with the flu.

I’m sharing this gratitude now, before the muscles soreness sets in completely! 😉

What is one thing for which you have gratitude today?


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