Writer Wednesday…Jason Selk

Okay, it’s not my usual review, I admit it.

I read “10 Minute Toughness: The Mental Training Program For Winning Before the Game Begins.”

I’m not going to give an in-depth analysis this time. I’m going to explain it a bit differently: I find running on the treadmill BORING. I do. I come up with all sorts of tricks to make the time pass. It’s just far too hot to attempt my running outside right now (and by right now I mean through October or November).

This book completely took my mind of the repetitive scenery I encounter on my treadmill. 🙂 Not only does Selk back up his 10 Minute Toughness program with research, reference material, and his own professional experiences, he make it clear and to-the-point for those of us who are not top tier athletes. Or, even second tier athletes, for that matter.

In fact, I enjoyed learning about this program so much that it is revolutionizing what I had thought of as a dull way of training.

If you find yourself needing to revitalize yourself – whether it’s from an athletic standpoint or in your professional goals – I highly recommend this book! Writers, be advised: every single item Selk covers in this book can be used as part of a “pre-writing” ten minute session. If you struggle to clear your mind before writing, give this a try.

Keep writing!

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