Character Sketch…#WriterWednesday


Who is she, and why should you care?

As the Blood Curse series has progressed, we have moved into the stories of Finola O’Bannion’s various cousins: “Darkness” gave us Mara’s journey, and the upcoming “Warrior” will tell the tale of Sirena.

Sirena is one of the younger cousins. She’s a teenager at the start of “Blessings” and throughout “Damnation.” In “Darkness,” Sirena attends University and plans for the future.

But what kind of future is there for an unorthodox rule-breaker who believes in kicking ass and taking names? Sirena will never be a shrinking violet, and lives her life according to her own unapologetic moral code. That code means rooting out evil wherever it may exist, by any means necessary.

Come watch Sirena’s story unfold in “Warrior,” which is set to be released on March 1, 2015.

No warrior walks alone. Sirena’s sidekick is a very unconventional, third world Priest. Together, they are taking on a dark underworld.

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