WARRIOR – A #WriterWednesday #SneakPeek

In the final edits phase of the new novel, “Warrior.” This is Book 4 in the “Blood Curse” series – it is the sequel to Blessings, Damnation, and Darkness.

Just giving you a little teaser here.

“The air was a hot, sweaty fist that clutched at her throat. Whispers and moans and distant electricity shifted into a steamy murmur that Sirena was learning to tune out. She waited in the darkness, her body still, a perfect huntress. Nearby, Father Paolo waited, his eyes a cat’s gleam she could just barely spot.

After what felt like hours, a shuffle came through the night sounds. Tensing in readiness, Sirena stared at the mouth of the alley for her first glimpse of her prey. What little light came from the street was blotted out as the beast began approaching them, and Sirena swore she stopped breathing. He was dragging a body along as he walked, and it was then she realized that they were already too late.

The beast had won.”

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed. All titles are available on Amazon at amazon.com/author/carolineslee

Blessings to you all!

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