Overcoming the block…#MondayBlogs

It happens. We all get stuck periodically.

Some meditate. Some keep right on working.

I’m a firm believer in taking a break when I hit a wall. The thing is, that break has to be productive.

I like to get a change of scenery. Whether in a literal or theoretical sense depends on the snag.

When pure frustration sets in, I need to move. If I’m in a bear of a mood, I’ll head to the pool and drown my sorrows (haha) while I exert myself. If I’m somewhat fit for human consumption, I’ll hike. But the story is with me, the characters are with me. They swim with me, hike with me, clean with me, read with me. Wherever I go for that change of scenery, my cast is with me.

In many ways, it’s all of the fun of a crowd without the actual hassle of being stuck in a, you know, crowd.

Clear the mind. Walk away from the keyboard or the notebook. Let your characters see with your eyes for a few.

Come back to it fresh, and the block seems smaller.

Happy writing, and blessings to you all.

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