Enter, Bridezilla…#MondayBlogs

Let me tell you, this is a lot scarier than “Enter, Sandman.”

I’m getting married on Saturday. When it comes to my to do list, I seem to be in a strongly amnesiac phase. When it comes to sleep – ha! What sleep?!

We moved into our home in August. Since then, we’ve had new flooring installed, new landscape completed, new lighting and drywall in all of the bathrooms, and new outdoor lighting. Now, we’ve reached the final stretch, and I feel like I’m doing 500 loads of laundry while trying to figure out how on EARTH I’m supposed to walk down the aisle without tripping and falling in my shoes.

During practice yesterday, I finally went barefoot (my favorite state) and found the entire experience wonderful. But, only Julia Roberts can really pull off that barefoot thing, right?!

Today, I’m dancing back and forth between my day job and washing 100 different serving dishes for Saturday.

I think I need a bigger boat. 🙂

Happy #Monday, and blessings to you all! My sanity should return sometime next week. Until then, sleep with one eye open…

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