There Should Be A Playlist For Cancer Warriors…#MondayBlogs

A thought for #ArchiveDay.


I know this is a serious topic. Believe me, when I first felt that lump in my breast, there wasn’t a single lighthearted emotion anywhere within me
My partner nicknamed me “Rocky,” as in Balboa, not as in how rocky so many of my days were.
Those of us who fight this battle have to find a way to get in touch with our inner warriors. In my experience, if ever there’s a time for a war-like mentality, it is when you are going through breast cancer.
From what I experienced, and what I learned, five major tips follow.
If you are anything like me, this will be one of the hardest steps. When my former sister-in-law offered to fly from Washington to California for every round of chemotherapy I underwent, at first I demurred. Then (after my partner asked what I was thinking), I called…

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