The Wandering Writer ~ #MondayBlogs

As writers, we like to have a ritual to our writing. Okay, we call it a routine or a schedule but, let’s face it, writing is equal parts mysticism and diligence.

When you get into a rut like writer’s block, the only way to overcome it is to push through. That does not mean you can’t enjoy the journey.

Change the time of day you write.

If you’re a late night writer, switch to an early morning.  Or take your lunch break and scribble as you nibble (haha).  Just by changing the hour, you’ve already shifted your mind to a different point of view.

Dip into a different genre.

Are you having difficulty with your romance?  Write it as auto-biography.  😉  Or take the next scene/chapter you are crafting and write it as poetry.   Different elements are at play when you write in different genres, and this can also shift your focus and help you to get over the block.

Change places!

Get out of the house, the library, or whatever usual place you are spending your writing time.  If you can, try to grab an airbnb for a weekend in a new place.  Build your own writing retreat and change the location to change your writing mentality.


It’s easy to grow complacent.  As writers, we need to remember that flexibility is a critical ingredient to our creativity.  Get up, walk around, make small changes in your routine and get yourself through those spaces of feeling “stuck.”

Happy Monday, and blessings to you all!

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