5 Reasons Your Blog Will Never Make Any Money

Elena Peters

Yay January! So far so good! This new year has started off with a bang. I am on right on track with my goals of one million pageviews and $3000/month in passive income.

I did have a little bit of a snafu yesterday with having to upgrade my hosting plan for one of my sites. The plan I was on could not handle my monthly views. (I know, I know. Must be nice. But I’ve worked really hard to get there.)

Anyway, long story short, my monthly cost more than quadrupled which was a huge kick in the gut. I am thankful I have the income to cover it but it still makes me extremely nervous. I am one of those people that likes to plan for the worst case scenarios. I spent the day worrying about my views tanking and when my site went down for a few hours…

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