Living on the Page ~ #wwwblogs

For my readerly and writerly friends, that title is probably self-explanatory. Between pleasure reading, reading books to review, and writing our own stories, we spend a lot of time with our noses in a book…or, you know, a kindle, a nook, a tablet, something!

When we come up for air, if you’re anything like I am, the world looks a little strange. Reading and writing are dream activities for the introvert: we feel as though we are getting our fill of socializing. It’s awesome: I can meet new people, writing, without ever having to leave the house. 😉

But when does the line blur? There’s so much advice for writers:

Write what you know.
Don’t only write from your own experience.

Your characters will have shades of your own personality, and that’s okay.
Never let your characters be like you.

Be wildly imaginative.
Only use realism.

Guess what? Write what you enjoy.

Set aside the monetary side, hit the mute button on all the helpful chatter. Write what you love. Read what you love.

Don’t waste your time doing anything else.

Blessings to you all.

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