We aren’t the ones

Who placed ourselves

Inside the box

Judgment has done that for us

Solitude can be a balm

And soothe the spirit with quiet

When it is a choice

And a calm reflection

But that solitude can slip

Into isolation

A confinement away

Degrading us into the lesser

It is always simpler

To deal with things

Instead of hearts and minds

And society longs

To see everyone in their proper


But a full life

Is not lived

Inside that box

Pale and colorless

Instead it is lived in the messes

And the noise and motion

That leave a mark

In all of the moments

That proclaim

“I am here”

Not hiding amongst

The scenery:

A footnote to the story

That becomes a history

We are all threads

Woven into a rich image

If we stand fast

And refuse to be silenced – Caroline A. Slee

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