A Song of Love ~ #wwwblogs

The rich words: equality, liberty a promise of a future open to all people went to war for it dreamed of it fled terror and poverty to chase that tomorrow but freedom is a revolution it does not end it is not a set period of history it is alive breathing and only we who … Continue reading A Song of Love ~ #wwwblogs


I wonder, Was it fast talk, and wheeling deals, when grace was lost to temptation? Or were they sweet words empty promises, that turned us away from our peace? Blessings and curses spill daily from our lips. Every phrase weaves its own spell. Whether a prayer or an incantation it is all the same magic … Continue reading Toxic

Wanderer ~ #MondayBlogs

I travel through the fire a flightless body with the soul unfettered I sink beneath time ghostlike through walls finally limitless clear-eyed magic my dreams lift me to drift with night clouds stars my body feeling diamond-bright I eavesdrop every whisper of every voice until they become an unison choir a cappella with the thundering … Continue reading Wanderer ~ #MondayBlogs

Friday Philosophy ~ Triathlon

Last year, I signed up for a marathon. Of course, surprise surgery downgraded that to a half-marathon, where I found my happy place. 🙂 This year, during December, I'll be completing my first triathlon. So, today's thoughts are all about tri! "You can keep going and your legs might hurt for a week, or you … Continue reading Friday Philosophy ~ Triathlon

The Endless Why ~ #wwwblogs

Requested smiles and justifications a pretty pose of superficial pleasantry to ease and comfort everyone else a shoehorn and a tightly made mold in a shape not my own and a million voices clamoring for me to wedge myself into that oh so lovely shape as I shed my skin of civilization tattoo my hands … Continue reading The Endless Why ~ #wwwblogs


A space apart within the spaces we share a world of quiet where the roads are not paved and morning light finds steam rising from the surface of the lake night falls a shadow overtaking shadows with a symphony of frogs and crickets marking the time and the stars remain hidden beyond a canopy of … Continue reading Steeples

Off Course to Get Back On Course ~ #MondayBlogs

I've been reworking "Warrior" forever. It's my sequel. I adore my main character, she's dear to me and an ass-kicking adventurer. But when it comes to final touches, I am just NOT feeling it. There's no writer's block getting to me now, my ideas are flowing along, I am just sort of...stuck. So, I gave … Continue reading Off Course to Get Back On Course ~ #MondayBlogs