Friday Philosophy ~ Bricks

This photo was four miles from my front door, up a long hill. Today, I did a brick. Well, a baby brick. I rode my bike 10 miles and then ran 5 miles. Why do they call it a brick? I didn’t want to pursue a serious answer to that. I’ve decided that it’s because … Continue reading Friday Philosophy ~ Bricks

The Beholder

There are eyes upon us Watchful waiting Blankly staring impervious Carved immobile lining the streets We pass beneath their shady branches Slanting our gazes away to the horizon As our watchers stare out upon the world There is comfort in their scrutiny Peaceful guardians over the sinners and the saints and all of the many … Continue reading The Beholder

The Storm #wwwblogs

Emotion Rages A storm Smashing tides Into the shore Changing the landscape Into the surreal A world Decompensating A break Psychotic Neurotic Pushing us over every edge Life Is a knife point Balanced on a cliff’s edge A dancer En pointe Defying dizziness For beauty In the pain ~ Caroline A. Slee


I've seen these words so many times in the past 24 hours. In the midst of all of the news pouring out about Harvey Weinstein (and Carrie Fisher's response to him, wonderful!), women are sharing. Some may not share their individual stories, but they share the reality that they all have stories. For some it's … Continue reading #MeToo

A Lighthouse ~ #MondayBlogs

Inaction will not carry us to salvation Light travels everywhere from its lofty height And we steer our boats toward it chasing hope Our hearts lift at the sound of church bells Across the early morning and the memory of fog and rain While the lies continue spilling lifeblood That sinks into the soil joining … Continue reading A Lighthouse ~ #MondayBlogs


None shall ever taste freedom so long as some are enslaved to opinion and narrow minds We live in a world where to be female is to be prey to be different is to be criminal And to have a conscience is to be wrong But the loudest voices the brashest thoughts will be the … Continue reading Shackles

The Wallflower #wwwblogs

You see so much When you are part of the scenery The dramas and the foibles Quiet triumphs and tearful failures But the day you dare To have a voice To step into the scene Is the day your courage must stick For the world Will push you back Fight to keep you Silent and … Continue reading The Wallflower #wwwblogs