The Scream

Up until this week, I've been feeling kind of like this: That's, of course, never how I want to feel. Although the screaming can be cathartic if you really go for it. 😉 This week, I'm starting to feel a bit closer to my goal. Instead of screaming like HeiHei, I'm a bit more: … Continue reading The Scream

Knights #wwwblogs

There were days Our only armor Was to paint our skin Before striding Into a battle And the today Where we might be hidden Behind subtler paints But no less Ready for the battle To be waged Delicate and fierce Whether slight or imposing We entered a knighthood Unspoken and ignored Because warrior women Could … Continue reading Knights #wwwblogs

Meaning and Reason

Amid the chaotic moments Of every day: The chauffeuring The working The phone ringing The lessons to arrange And the deadlines to juggle There comes the calm Of knowing That all that matters Rests here Behind my own front door That no matter the challenge We withstand We overcome Stronger Than any days of solitude … Continue reading Meaning and Reason

Visions #MondayBlogs

Worlds stand upon others long fallen into deeper slumbers but still a whisper of life returns as monochrome shatters into shades of splendor as scales drop from our eyes and the today we could not see emerges all around us And so we are like that world returning to life setting aside the lies that … Continue reading Visions #MondayBlogs

Lace Curtain #wwwblogs

From poverty to prosperity We drove a nationality To a new prominence With our faith And desperation Ships sailed from starvation Into a new world Of servitude and judgment Forging a home Still misunderstood Mystics Remembering the past Our lace curtains Hide the struggles We overcame And the world sees only The success And never … Continue reading Lace Curtain #wwwblogs

Sometimes You Can Do Everything Right ~ #MondayBlogs

And it won't matter in ways that you can see it. It can leave you frustrated, scared, lost... Pick an adjective, any one will do. But that doesn't matter, does it? We all know that if we just follow those "right" things, everything will just flow in the way it's supposed to. The problem there … Continue reading Sometimes You Can Do Everything Right ~ #MondayBlogs

Northern Sun

The hours and miles Are no more than a heartbeat And a mountain All in the same moment There is joy Twined with struggle And their careful ballet Is fixed We cannot separate Our suffering from our bliss Nor our triumphs from our failures Even so The stumbles Pose no danger Until the day arrives … Continue reading Northern Sun