Autumn Calling

Somewhere, the air frosts the breath In a distant North The skies ready themselves For winter's rush In that far-off It is sweater weather And oceans are gunmetal Underneath monochromatic sky We come alive With the least bite of a chill And nights cocoon us In a bed of auburn leaves We rest here, waiting … Continue reading Autumn Calling

Spreading the Word *TRIGGER* #MondayBlogs

Those of us who have pets treat them as beloved members of our family. They are partners in crime, motivation to get out and walk or play, and if you have dogs (as we do) they are unfailingly thrilled to see you - even if you've just been gone to the mailbox. Our dear friend … Continue reading Spreading the Word *TRIGGER* #MondayBlogs

Evermore #MondayBlogs

The climb is an endless Everyday One step closer to grace Moving onward into who we are But there is beauty In that struggle and the seeking that carries our feet upward The distance brings revelation and the altitude perspective But it is not the end which calls to us it is our truth that … Continue reading Evermore #MondayBlogs


Isolation breeds contentment Living in one's own skin Keeping company With the thoughts That rise, unbidden - There is strength In the solitude chosen When the paths fork ahead - Following In footsteps paving the way Is the safe bet And a choice made for us - But to stand tall Casting one's branches Against … Continue reading Steadfast

The Sinners #MondayBlogs

We bow our heads In plain sight Such heresy That we lift up our prayers We are the faithful The Christ-filled Yet still flawed And lodged in human form Angelic in a Heaven Imagined by a mind Impossibly obscure To our own thoughts We cannot divine The Divine And here divinity Is a course To … Continue reading The Sinners #MondayBlogs

When Darkness Falls #wwwblogs

Magic will rise Misunderstood and feared But casting beauty For eyes that see miracles When darkness falls Our power lights a soft sun Resting calm In a garden bathed by lady moon With earth soft Against the soles of our feet The world unguarded Tranquil Far removed from the mayhem Beneath the glaring Light of … Continue reading When Darkness Falls #wwwblogs

Sounding #MondayBlogs

Just as she began to sink She learned to swim And as the air escaped her lungs Her transformation began No longer of the land No longer of the air But some mystical In-betweenness To take her to new depths An unknown creature A new magic Sliding sinuous Along ocean floors Diving from the light … Continue reading Sounding #MondayBlogs