As Above #MondayBlogs

My feet dance Upon the sky As the clouds soften My waking hours A world in beauty Awakening my senses Cloaking me In gratitude Though I may be stuck In momentary forgetfulness These sights bring me back To my own heart No matter how far I may travel Or the years In between I am … Continue reading As Above #MondayBlogs

Outcropping #wwwblogs

Sometimes the distance Gives only a glimmer A single light standing Somewhere in the darkness Hope is a lonely path Living isolated On rocky outcroppings Saving seafarers from certain death The pain of that beacon Is a reckoning The price for cheating death From greedy depths We trade devotion For a stay of execution And … Continue reading Outcropping #wwwblogs


Isolation breeds contentment Living in one's own skin Keeping company With the thoughts That rise, unbidden - There is strength In the solitude chosen When the paths fork ahead - Following In footsteps paving the way Is the safe bet And a choice made for us - But to stand tall Casting one's branches Against … Continue reading Steadfast

The Scream

Up until this week, I've been feeling kind of like this: That's, of course, never how I want to feel. Although the screaming can be cathartic if you really go for it. 😉 This week, I'm starting to feel a bit closer to my goal. Instead of screaming like HeiHei, I'm a bit more: … Continue reading The Scream

Meaning and Reason

Amid the chaotic moments Of every day: The chauffeuring The working The phone ringing The lessons to arrange And the deadlines to juggle There comes the calm Of knowing That all that matters Rests here Behind my own front door That no matter the challenge We withstand We overcome Stronger Than any days of solitude … Continue reading Meaning and Reason

In the Old City

The bell tower tolls Upon the hour Along the river coast For all the ships And the bridge is alight As the sun fades down Into the late nights History still lives Breathing amongst the old buildings Every purpose new and modern In a world apart From all we know We walk Sudden time travelers … Continue reading In the Old City

Summer Fun

I've been blogging less over these past few months here. Between my work items, and the school stuff for two teenagers, things were busy enough. Then, Lara and I planned the summer adventure of a lifetime here - so I was working doubletime to complete projects before that happened! We left home in the desert … Continue reading Summer Fun