Must Versus Should #wwwblogs

Every day is filled with all of the "shoulds" and "ought tos." I should give more effort to work I should give more time to my children I should give more time to my health I ought to: earn more, do more, be more... Sometimes I realize that, for all of my "shoulds" most of … Continue reading Must Versus Should #wwwblogs

Childhood ~ #MondayBlogs

Long summer days of tadpoles and crawdads Framed by pussy willows and high sunlight When every kid in the neighborhood Fled to the outdoors, pedals flying Into parks and down sidewalks Drinking water from the hose And pulling raspberries as we played Finding snakes and dirt and adventure In every space And now the sun … Continue reading Childhood ~ #MondayBlogs

Only a Girl #wwwblogs

"She won't be hard to beat. She's only a girl." Except: I'm not Not only a girl Not "only" anything No less than No silence No weakness on the field I'm the dark horse And the alpha And the victor who will not yield Underestimated And consistently unsung The weaker sex at every turn But … Continue reading Only a Girl #wwwblogs

The Wolves Return… #MondayBlogs

When the Earth has wearied Of our dizzy ride And the poison We cast In our words And devious deeds She brings herself To fuller force And unleashes her fury Upon us And the wolves return Dominant To restore What was destroyed In the silent hours Before dawn rises again in the East They sing … Continue reading The Wolves Return… #MondayBlogs


Deserts dream Of the abundance The rain brings Open leaves And vibrant green And so much of all that is alive We find rich soil And a growing season Far from the punishing sun Where drunk bees Drift between flowers In their unhurried way It is easy to forget Those verdant spaces Bursting with color … Continue reading Symmetry

Mythological #MondayBlogs

We slip from the sea Seeking the heat Held within the stony shore Basking Scales reflecting the sun's light Diamond-bright Blinding to the gaze Invisible in all of our color Human eyes never see Though we rest In plain view We are hidden In our fantastical reality Of the sea And land and sky We … Continue reading Mythological #MondayBlogs

In the Old City

The bell tower tolls Upon the hour Along the river coast For all the ships And the bridge is alight As the sun fades down Into the late nights History still lives Breathing amongst the old buildings Every purpose new and modern In a world apart From all we know We walk Sudden time travelers … Continue reading In the Old City