The Sinners #MondayBlogs

We bow our heads In plain sight Such heresy That we lift up our prayers We are the faithful The Christ-filled Yet still flawed And lodged in human form Angelic in a Heaven Imagined by a mind Impossibly obscure To our own thoughts We cannot divine The Divine And here divinity Is a course To … Continue reading The Sinners #MondayBlogs

When Darkness Falls #wwwblogs

Magic will rise Misunderstood and feared But casting beauty For eyes that see miracles When darkness falls Our power lights a soft sun Resting calm In a garden bathed by lady moon With earth soft Against the soles of our feet The world unguarded Tranquil Far removed from the mayhem Beneath the glaring Light of … Continue reading When Darkness Falls #wwwblogs

Sounding #MondayBlogs

Just as she began to sink She learned to swim And as the air escaped her lungs Her transformation began No longer of the land No longer of the air But some mystical In-betweenness To take her to new depths An unknown creature A new magic Sliding sinuous Along ocean floors Diving from the light … Continue reading Sounding #MondayBlogs

Pace #wwwblogs

So much time is spent In high gear In the frenetic pace Of "go, go, go" The calm comes In rare breaths: An empty trail A snoozing pup Or laughter and music Between children And my mind Hurries onward To always more tasks Until self Becomes the sole task The space between breaths The rhythm … Continue reading Pace #wwwblogs


My spirit joins In that underwater dance All impulse And momentary delight In the solitude Of the deepest blues A somber celebration Easily overlooked Still that underwater ballet Persists Without an audience A beauty ignored Although not hidden Disregarded But carrying on A celebration Too little, too much Too "something" for someone But so perfectly … Continue reading Submerged

Healing Magic #MondayBlogs

It comes with the fire Through bone and blood Like a memory Of the time we were stars Firing like the sun Millions of years Into a past forgotten When we danced As the lights through the darkness Still the instincts return As our masks are dropped And who we are: That bright and brilliant … Continue reading Healing Magic #MondayBlogs

The Scream

Up until this week, I've been feeling kind of like this: That's, of course, never how I want to feel. Although the screaming can be cathartic if you really go for it. 😉 This week, I'm starting to feel a bit closer to my goal. Instead of screaming like HeiHei, I'm a bit more: … Continue reading The Scream