Monsters and Death and All That Happy Stuff #wwwblogs

Moses is down for the count with this viral cold/flu nonsense that's been going around. So, when you're sick and all you can do is nap and lie around, you get to choose a movie around here. He chose to watch "A Monster Calls." I've discouraged both of the kids from watching this one. It … Continue reading Monsters and Death and All That Happy Stuff #wwwblogs

On the Run – #MondayBlogs

I've gotten into my running groove again, and added some changes to the routine. On weekends, I take a run with each of my children, just the two of us. Moses is knocking out five milers with me now, which is awesome. Maddie is used to that, being older, but threw a hike in for … Continue reading On the Run – #MondayBlogs

Friday Philosophy ~ Elevation

There's been so much ugliness lately, not only in our language and discourse, but in our world. With that ugliness, there's optimism, and hope, and activism. I like to believe that the future voters we see organizer and using their voices are a sign of things to come. With that in mind, I'd like to … Continue reading Friday Philosophy ~ Elevation

Living on the Page ~ #wwwblogs

For my readerly and writerly friends, that title is probably self-explanatory. Between pleasure reading, reading books to review, and writing our own stories, we spend a lot of time with our noses in a book...or, you know, a kindle, a nook, a tablet, something! When we come up for air, if you're anything like I … Continue reading Living on the Page ~ #wwwblogs

5 Reasons Your Blog Will Never Make Any Money

Elena Peters

Yay January! So far so good! This new year has started off with a bang. I am on right on track with my goals of one million pageviews and $3000/month in passive income.

I did have a little bit of a snafu yesterday with having to upgrade my hosting plan for one of my sites. The plan I was on could not handle my monthly views. (I know, I know. Must be nice. But I’ve worked really hard to get there.)

Anyway, long story short, my monthly cost more than quadrupled which was a huge kick in the gut. I am thankful I have the income to cover it but it still makes me extremely nervous. I am one of those people that likes to plan for the worst case scenarios. I spent the day worrying about my views tanking and when my site went down for a few hours…

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Winter is Calling

And I must find it where skies change and the air sharpens skin vanishes into layers of warmth Windows are shut tight against the wind's keen edge and the world dips into barren branches and white expanse Seasons shift in a meditation a grateful dance to a planet turning years around the fire of the … Continue reading Winter is Calling

Dissonance ~ #MondayBlogs

Disjointed voices in opposition rising into argument swept into a void Thousands of points of light in a sky covering us all as we seek solutions a tug of war between real and ideal and every in-between We fight without cause and wound each other words and weapons and careless cruelty A world spinning off … Continue reading Dissonance ~ #MondayBlogs