Badlands #MondayBlogs

No magic spell Can give us flight Simple and endless steps Move us forward There was a dream Nearly a metaphor That drove us into desolation A God within Whispering possibilities Into our listening hearts It is not the body That wins the race Nor the mind solely But a spiritual revelation That draws us … Continue reading Badlands #MondayBlogs

Adventures #wwwblog

There is a world waiting beyond the borders of what we live each day An expansiveness to fill the lungs and set the heart to overflowing It begins with nothing more than a single thought, nurtured into a dream Until that wishful moment becomes a plan, and a plan becomes action A single step, a … Continue reading Adventures #wwwblog

Open Water

My feet reached water's edge Before the sun did The air holding the coolness of night and the water lifting steam into the sky slipping beneath the surface felt like the slow sinking into sleep even as my arms curved to move using the wall of water to push forward The memory of that water … Continue reading Open Water

Shadows #MondayBlogs

There are no more empty halls The spaces are filled With the steps that passed In some indistinct "before" A soft-focus world asking us to turn away from truth a reality television lens to drag us into shadows Somewhere a ghost is rattling chains and suffering something deeper than this human experience And every wound … Continue reading Shadows #MondayBlogs

Through New Eyes #wwwblogs

I know this face So well Each line is personal Known to me I created it And placed it Made it with every choice And every step on the journey I know this voice The tones and the moods It is my own Even in weakness When no more Than a whisper emerges But all … Continue reading Through New Eyes #wwwblogs

New Vistas

In a dream I heard the sea flowing through the wheat fields Inviting me in to swim amongst the crops There is a world my eyes have never seen and paths my feet long to travel a race against myself In a world I've never seen my feet will dance a double time racing amongst … Continue reading New Vistas

God’s Fingers #MondayBlogs

We chase the light clear-eyed with purpose We chase the light though it may be dim Our enthusiasm holds and hope fuels our fire We see signs marking the way for us The air scented with sea and sand and home A long-remembered dream our fiercest faith Bliss can be found on the journey We … Continue reading God’s Fingers #MondayBlogs