Raconteuse ~ #wwwblogs

The story demands and the words flow though each conversation I speak to myself a voice ringing out into a darkness that muffles and drowns every sound But the story sounds a drum beat whether anyone hears it the words sing themselves from heights onto deaf ears and faces that turn away The story continues … Continue reading Raconteuse ~ #wwwblogs


In some space beyond my fingertips is an ending as my arms circle and hips roll and the world comes in and out of sunrise focus there is another wall that I haven't found a stopping point I will only know when I reach inside of it when I squeeze one last pull through liquid … Continue reading Limitless

Intuition ~ #MondayBlogs

They start on us when we're oh, so young before understanding more animal mind than manners reminding us that politeness wins out over instinct that the need to escape danger should be suppressed a forbidden impulse we learn to hide goosebumps along the spine and a frisson of tiny hairs along the nape of the … Continue reading Intuition ~ #MondayBlogs

The Giver ~ Friday Philosophy

Give with an open heart and give with joy in the giving Share without suspicion and hold nothing back for yourself Spend of your core: time, spirit, and patience Offer up a new victim for every occasion asked We give until we are hollowed out husks of what could once have been A universe of … Continue reading The Giver ~ Friday Philosophy

Trials ~ #wwwblogs

Strength was a curse the will to live: forbidden The truly innocent could never survive the trial only in death, could every woman be vindicated Remember, sisters, there is no difference between a woman and a witch in the small minds of the weak and fearful ~ Caroline A. Slee

A Forest in the Desert

Yesterday, during #MondayBlogs, I was reading a post by Colleen Story on Forest Bathing. I had never heard the term before, but loved the immersion it called to mind. I live in an odd spot for forest bathing. When I hike or walk or run, towering palm trees are casting their slender shadows before my … Continue reading A Forest in the Desert

Craft ~ #MondayBlogs

We stitched our hearts back to wholeness and mended our broken bodies with patches and bling our porcelain perfection discarded and trampled used up by carelessness What should have destroyed us transformed: a fierce feminine rising - Caroline A. Slee