A sight to behold tandem marching voices quiet a unison chant in a domino world first one place triggering the next revolution until at last we are set free ~ Caroline A. Slee

Boathook ~ #wwwblogs

One handExtendedFormal and balletic at onceThe brace And the sighBefore the reachCalmnessIn the lightAnd abundant airThe rescueMaintainedFrom safe distancesObjective eyesCool assessmentsAnd dangerSteadySteady To safety Hooked like a fish~ Caroline A. Slee


The storyMust continueCarried in the birthOf stars Worlds beyond The reach of our gazeHistories and nationsRising and dyingUnknownWithout a whisper Across the silent spaceBut the words Are thereA quiet murmurCaptured by pens Sprawling across pagesThe storyMust continue ~ Caroline A. Slee

Reversal ~ #MondayBlogs

We leave the land upright and proud chilling skin with salty kisses immersed in joy we lose our cares give up our names in bubbles that rise to a vanishing sky we play like seals survival and frolic and our skin shifts to glittering scales silken through water rolling forward a dancing underwater flight dreaming … Continue reading Reversal ~ #MondayBlogs

Selene ~ #wwwblogs

The moon's fairness and still calm give rise to the monsters we thrill to see fear and desire entwined for the danger that lies beyond beauty awaiting discovery ~ Caroline A. Slee

Accidental Hills, and Things You Learn When Out of Town

Did you know that Del Mar is made up entirely of hills? Yeah, neither did I, until I went running this morning. For some reason, during that first mile (entirely uphill) I thought that I just had to crest the hill I was climbing. Then, on the second mile, I knew I had to almost … Continue reading Accidental Hills, and Things You Learn When Out of Town

Light Aglow #MondayBlogs

I do not yearnTo capture the sun The heat of the lightBurns away my thoughtsBut I longTo harness the moonAnd draw herMilk-white coolnessDown with me into my dreamsI stare by the lightOf a single candleLetting that lightWend its way Through the hollow spacesInsideCasting out All the shadowsAnd creating a glowTo shine through ~ Caroline A. … Continue reading Light Aglow #MondayBlogs