The sky does not seek the sun Instead holding fast To her starry darkness A little longer Movement is slow A near underwater Ballet Each step resistance The fire glows brightly Sunlight to my spirit Comforting and coaxing My mind to awaken Reluctance lingers The memory of sleep An inviting bed Urging me back The … Continue reading Building

My Own New Year #MondayBlogs

41. Next year, that number will at least be a funnier one, and the cosmic answer from The Hitchhiker’s Guide. But, it’s time for the new year of life routine. This year, there are a few things I would like to do. 1. Write creatively one hour each day 2. More competitions (10k or tri … Continue reading My Own New Year #MondayBlogs

Shake It Up…#MondayBlogs

In daily life, I find it all too easy to get into a rut. As people, we are creatures of habit. Establishing a routine is excellent, but complacency? Not so much. There's nowhere I notice boredom more than when I am running. I like to have different routes, and the occasional treadmill day since we … Continue reading Shake It Up…#MondayBlogs

Friday Philosophy…Perfectionism

I strongly feel that perfection is the enemy of creativity. If you don't ever give yourself permission to be less than perfect, how the hell do you ever get to explore your ideas and take risks? On the other hand, that drive can really take you far. The only problem is that you may never … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Perfectionism

New Paths and New Stories…#MondayBlogs

I've been working on a sequel to my last novel, Darkness, for what feels like an eternity. In the first writing there were three chapters that just didn't ring true. I poked at them. I walked away from them. I scrapped them and tried to plug in new chapters there. Finally, I went back to … Continue reading New Paths and New Stories…#MondayBlogs

A Dash of Creativity…#WriterWednesday

For #WriterWednesday, I thought I'd share a little...something. When I write, it's not always the story that I am working on that breaks through. Sometimes, the warm up to the work hints that maybe there is something for down the road. So, here's a little something that may be nothing. Or, something. 🙂 Fleeting. Fleet … Continue reading A Dash of Creativity…#WriterWednesday

Friday Philosophy…Cognitive Dissonance

Yes, it's been a week. I find myself suffering from the above this week: plagued by contradictions on my thoughts and approaches. I've been by turns praying with absolute conviction, and beset by tidal waves of doubt; productive, yet feeling I've accomplished little; creative and blocked. See - it's been a week! 😉 In keeping … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Cognitive Dissonance