As Above #MondayBlogs

My feet dance Upon the sky As the clouds soften My waking hours A world in beauty Awakening my senses Cloaking me In gratitude Though I may be stuck In momentary forgetfulness These sights bring me back To my own heart No matter how far I may travel Or the years In between I am … Continue reading As Above #MondayBlogs

Pace #wwwblogs

So much time is spent In high gear In the frenetic pace Of "go, go, go" The calm comes In rare breaths: An empty trail A snoozing pup Or laughter and music Between children And my mind Hurries onward To always more tasks Until self Becomes the sole task The space between breaths The rhythm … Continue reading Pace #wwwblogs

Meaning and Reason

Amid the chaotic moments Of every day: The chauffeuring The working The phone ringing The lessons to arrange And the deadlines to juggle There comes the calm Of knowing That all that matters Rests here Behind my own front door That no matter the challenge We withstand We overcome Stronger Than any days of solitude … Continue reading Meaning and Reason

Must Versus Should #wwwblogs

Every day is filled with all of the "shoulds" and "ought tos." I should give more effort to work I should give more time to my children I should give more time to my health I ought to: earn more, do more, be more... Sometimes I realize that, for all of my "shoulds" most of … Continue reading Must Versus Should #wwwblogs


Deserts dream Of the abundance The rain brings Open leaves And vibrant green And so much of all that is alive We find rich soil And a growing season Far from the punishing sun Where drunk bees Drift between flowers In their unhurried way It is easy to forget Those verdant spaces Bursting with color … Continue reading Symmetry

Planting ~ #MondayBlogs

Grounded My roots have spread Wider than the sky Grounded The seasons move me In diurnal rhythms Grounded Lighter on my feet Flinging myself into the next moment Grounded My familiar covered In new forests and rushing waters Grounded Lifeblood filling my limbs Kicking my feet into blurred motion Grounded Carrying home Within my own … Continue reading Planting ~ #MondayBlogs


Silent giants Watch with their impassive faces As we scurry about Important in our busywork Forgetting to turn our faces Up to the sky They shelter us From our fiery star And guard the rivers That wind in a journey Beneath their arms They stand in a dance A forest of ancestors Here for a … Continue reading Redwood