Morning Mists

The world is muffled Space distorted Until distance expands And all beyond my steps Has faded - The mist plays tricks Hiding the sun That rises beyond The obscuring wall Covering us - We borrow From the night Living in between the hours That would carry us Into the light - Waiting We stare into … Continue reading Morning Mists


As we race Ever further Ahead into each tomorrow Follow, follow Do not be left behind The path may wind Or the world open wider Still, follow Our steps increase Lengthening stride Borrowing from the wild Until we leap Sure-footed climbing Follow us Upward The reward Exceeds the struggle And the breathtaking result Fills the … Continue reading Follow


The sky is a sea Deep and unexplored Taken for granted By those who forget To turn their eyes Upward There are fathoms And layers Covered over With clouds Alight With only the brightness Of dying stars The sky is a sea Reflecting our vast oceans Inviting us all To rise - Caroline A. Slee

As Above #MondayBlogs

My feet dance Upon the sky As the clouds soften My waking hours A world in beauty Awakening my senses Cloaking me In gratitude Though I may be stuck In momentary forgetfulness These sights bring me back To my own heart No matter how far I may travel Or the years In between I am … Continue reading As Above #MondayBlogs

On the Sea

I see the moon Refracted infinitely Reflected over ripples and waves She guides night's sailors Over calm seas I see the moon Rising into midnight Smiling her benevolence Down upon us Sinner or saint alike I see the moon As I stand between worlds At the edge of the water Ready to slip my skin … Continue reading On the Sea

A Dreamy Wood #MondayBlogs

Deep within a winter wood A dreaming spirit Rests Suspended between worlds In a cozy den The trees stand bereft Of all but the snowy owl Singing his mournful hoot Over the banks of white Dampening his volume To a ghostly question The land rests Readying herself for spring With a long dormant season Reviving … Continue reading A Dreamy Wood #MondayBlogs

Autumn Calling

Somewhere, the air frosts the breath In a distant North The skies ready themselves For winter's rush In that far-off It is sweater weather And oceans are gunmetal Underneath monochromatic sky We come alive With the least bite of a chill And nights cocoon us In a bed of auburn leaves We rest here, waiting … Continue reading Autumn Calling