Capturing Dreams

As sleep falls away Images fade And memory plays tricks With the visions That danced before us A moment of wisdom Feels just out of reach Lost in the confusion Between two worlds We weave webs To catch the nightmares To hold them apart From our vulnerability As our defenses vanish But we lose The … Continue reading Capturing Dreams

Hands #wwwblogs

It was nothing, at first A little less energy A little more illness Just another normal In a busy life It transformed To sickness A parade of hospitals And treatments With time passing onward Years were suspended A kind of in-between My body slowly returning An awkward perennial Trying to bloom again But damage was … Continue reading Hands #wwwblogs

Morning Mists

The world is muffled Space distorted Until distance expands And all beyond my steps Has faded - The mist plays tricks Hiding the sun That rises beyond The obscuring wall Covering us - We borrow From the night Living in between the hours That would carry us Into the light - Waiting We stare into … Continue reading Morning Mists

Seeking the Silence #MondayBlogs

In a space of quiet Solitude waits Not the sorrow Of loneliness But the budding strength Of alone The world is in a hush Without the traffic Of busy voices And breath Becomes purpose And meaning The silence is waiting For you A discovery Only you can find For yourself A meditation Your soul can … Continue reading Seeking the Silence #MondayBlogs


As we race Ever further Ahead into each tomorrow Follow, follow Do not be left behind The path may wind Or the world open wider Still, follow Our steps increase Lengthening stride Borrowing from the wild Until we leap Sure-footed climbing Follow us Upward The reward Exceeds the struggle And the breathtaking result Fills the … Continue reading Follow

Lost in the Song

When rainy days fall And the music breathes Holding my heart Along lyrics and chords The shiver of poetry Once it has begun to dance A freedom like flight A moment of living As a winged creature Slipping across the floor And out of this world Reality dimmed into Dreamy lighting And flickering candles A … Continue reading Lost in the Song


The sky is a sea Deep and unexplored Taken for granted By those who forget To turn their eyes Upward There are fathoms And layers Covered over With clouds Alight With only the brightness Of dying stars The sky is a sea Reflecting our vast oceans Inviting us all To rise - Caroline A. Slee