The sky is a sea Deep and unexplored Taken for granted By those who forget To turn their eyes Upward There are fathoms And layers Covered over With clouds Alight With only the brightness Of dying stars The sky is a sea Reflecting our vast oceans Inviting us all To rise - Caroline A. Slee

Unseen Shores #wwwblogs

My feet stand firm Upon this shore While my heart rises To the violence Of the sea Beyond the chill waves That cover my toes I know another shore Awaits I see it only When I close my eyes I wait for the moment My feet alight Upon those sands Having danced across Oceans To … Continue reading Unseen Shores #wwwblogs

New Vistas

In a dream I heard the sea flowing through the wheat fields Inviting me in to swim amongst the crops There is a world my eyes have never seen and paths my feet long to travel a race against myself In a world I've never seen my feet will dance a double time racing amongst … Continue reading New Vistas

Tribute ~ #MondayBlogs

We decode the stars - into the melody of night winds Listening to moon song and reading tea leaves Seeking mysteries ignored by every day eyes We navigate a world finding the edges of the known Departing for each unknown with sails filled by hope our course is set and determination will drive us Currents … Continue reading Tribute ~ #MondayBlogs

Piercing the veil…

Clouds descend a blanket of mist cooling the earth as we rise mountain-fierce tall in our pride forged from fires miraculous in our every movement we leave our footprints along the shore until even that memory is washed away as we sink beneath the waves creating another world forged within the sea ~ Caroline A. … Continue reading Piercing the veil…


I am not the sea cradling your passage Nor the winds you use to pull your weight I am not the siren calling you to doom Nor a lighthouse offering haven to you I am the reef the jagged rocks the edge of the shore - invisible - until you've run aground And lost your … Continue reading Albatross

Ondines… #wwwblogs

Mystical beings we seek the sea water our siren and our element Like the selkies once stolen and left landlocked we mourn A home we endlessly desire Coils take wing soaring oceanward To the sapphire pulse below we dive for the heart of our dying dreams...