The sky does not seek the sun Instead holding fast To her starry darkness A little longer Movement is slow A near underwater Ballet Each step resistance The fire glows brightly Sunlight to my spirit Comforting and coaxing My mind to awaken Reluctance lingers The memory of sleep An inviting bed Urging me back The … Continue reading Building


For every moment The universe brings forth a Star That divine mother Loses others Beyond the millions Of years Between our eyes And a dying light Worlds shift And time stops And still we dance With blithe feet Galaxies die And are born An endless whirl Beyond our thoughts And the limits Of our small … Continue reading Galaxy

Dreaming Nights ~ #MondayBlogs

The stars smile down beyond the bonfire blaze crystals piercing the veil of velvet night We awaken something primal an animal ancestor who seeks the darkness ready to run into abandon The winter nights almost pagan in their beauty call to the god within us at rest behind distraction A better self rising into power … Continue reading Dreaming Nights ~ #MondayBlogs

Healing Magic #MondayBlogs

It comes with the fire Through bone and blood Like a memory Of the time we were stars Firing like the sun Millions of years Into a past forgotten When we danced As the lights through the darkness Still the instincts return As our masks are dropped And who we are: That bright and brilliant … Continue reading Healing Magic #MondayBlogs

Triumphant #wwwblogs

She has tasted defeat More often than anyone sees But always She returns She is more than human More than mortal Stars swim within her skin And her minds opens like galaxies Who would ever dare Reduce her to nothing Treat her as object When she is power Wandering the earth On two legs Such … Continue reading Triumphant #wwwblogs

Winter is Calling

And I must find it where skies change and the air sharpens skin vanishes into layers of warmth Windows are shut tight against the wind's keen edge and the world dips into barren branches and white expanse Seasons shift in a meditation a grateful dance to a planet turning years around the fire of the … Continue reading Winter is Calling

A Vast Surrender ~ #wwwblogs

Time rules us Bending our days to her will until time ends without warning though we may fight or fly ahead eluding the inevitable a day will come a full stop an endless hold as we become limitless a force of energy a vast galaxy stripped down to stars as we take our place with … Continue reading A Vast Surrender ~ #wwwblogs