Hands #wwwblogs

It was nothing, at first A little less energy A little more illness Just another normal In a busy life It transformed To sickness A parade of hospitals And treatments With time passing onward Years were suspended A kind of in-between My body slowly returning An awkward perennial Trying to bloom again But damage was … Continue reading Hands #wwwblogs

Salvation #wwwblogs

The quiet space Of making time To let the words Spill out From my tapping fingers My imagination My first instrument Truer music Than any other I could learn Hours spent dancing with words Reclaiming time For that quiet love Rediscovering a self Set upon the shelf And pushed to the background Words save me … Continue reading Salvation #wwwblogs

Vast #wwwblogs

Endless skies to chase As my feet dream Their way across the ground Through fields as far As that horizon can hold One distant finish line Awaiting our time To reach it ~ Caroline A. Slee

Outcropping #wwwblogs

Sometimes the distance Gives only a glimmer A single light standing Somewhere in the darkness Hope is a lonely path Living isolated On rocky outcroppings Saving seafarers from certain death The pain of that beacon Is a reckoning The price for cheating death From greedy depths We trade devotion For a stay of execution And … Continue reading Outcropping #wwwblogs

When Darkness Falls #wwwblogs

Magic will rise Misunderstood and feared But casting beauty For eyes that see miracles When darkness falls Our power lights a soft sun Resting calm In a garden bathed by lady moon With earth soft Against the soles of our feet The world unguarded Tranquil Far removed from the mayhem Beneath the glaring Light of … Continue reading When Darkness Falls #wwwblogs

Pace #wwwblogs

So much time is spent In high gear In the frenetic pace Of "go, go, go" The calm comes In rare breaths: An empty trail A snoozing pup Or laughter and music Between children And my mind Hurries onward To always more tasks Until self Becomes the sole task The space between breaths The rhythm … Continue reading Pace #wwwblogs

Knights #wwwblogs

There were days Our only armor Was to paint our skin Before striding Into a battle And the today Where we might be hidden Behind subtler paints But no less Ready for the battle To be waged Delicate and fierce Whether slight or imposing We entered a knighthood Unspoken and ignored Because warrior women Could … Continue reading Knights #wwwblogs